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speaking of white boys

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they murdered this shit

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"too vague" writes my English teacher on my essay

kind of like the instructions you gave us you piece of shit

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Coolest girl-gang.


Coolest girl-gang.

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The same month when storyboards came about [for the movie], Miyazaki set off to the ancient forests of Yakushima, in Kyushu and the mountains of Shirakami-Sanchi in northern Honshu [of Japan].
It was just right, the ruins of this ancient forest reflects on us as humans. We need to learn to appreciate what we have left of the environment, and I wanted this as a theme for the animation.” - Miyazaki on his inspiration for Princess Mononoke.

So beautiful I want to cry. When I die, I want the afterlife to be a Miyazaki film.

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John Green, inspirational as always.
I actually cried a little bit. This is why art matters, and I could never in my life explain it as eloquently as he does in this video.

Working at Kayamandi with these incredibly bright, sweet children has been an experience of a lifetime. I teach basic computer skills to primary school children at an NGO called the Ikhaya Trust, located in a township near Stellenbosch.

I have never been more grateful of my education, which I take for granted. Some of the kids here don’t even understand the language of instruction at their schools (which is English most of the time and sometimes Afrikaans). The schools are incredibly unorganized, and kids of vastly different levels are placed in the same class. A lot of times, the teachers are not very well educated themselves. Education is a huge problem in South Africa, and I’ve gained an enormous appreciation for NGO’s like this one that provides after school programs for kids to get help with their homework, and I feel completely humbled.